Reni Stankova

A bilingual author from Bulgaria, a dreamer, a traveler, and a gentle soul who loves writing about awesome female characters, morally grey gay characters, thrilling adventures, and true love.

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The Heaven Trilogy by Reni Stankova

The Heaven Trilogy

When the young angel prince Raphael hired a demon from the slums, as his personal guard, no one was surprized. The royal heir never hid his scandalous taste for the lower class. But while the nobles enjoy themselves with the juicy gossip, the couple plots a coup that would turn the Kingdom of Heaven on its head. Let’s just hope Raphael and Dante don’t turn the rumors about them into truth and bring unnecessary risk to the mission. It’s dangerous enough as it is.

Follow Raphael and Dante’s political intrigue in the Kingdom of Heaven where angels and demons are social classes.

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Book 3 Coming Soon!

The third and final book of the Heaven Trilogy is on its way. Don’t miss out the conclusion of Raphael and Dante’s earth-shattering story (literally). The adventure us coming to a close and all questions will be answered. Check back again for more updates.