The Heaven Trilogy

After the Great War, the world united into a single kingdom called Heaven. In the Kingdom of Heaven, angels and demons are social classes. So, what happens when an angel and a demon join forces to change the world?

The Enemy of Heaven & The Secrets of Heaven
Reni Stankova davicon

Reni Stankova

Bilingual author from Bulgaria. Dreamer, traveller, and a gentle soul who loves writing about awesome female characters, feisty, morally grey gay characters, thrilling adventures and, most of all, true love. Focused writing on historical fiction & epic fantasy. Reads everything. Finds a gargantuan amount of inspiration in the mountains. Perpetually tired. Not from the mountains, from her 9 to 5 office job.


Sirma: a historical fiction novel about Sirma voivode

“Strong people protect. They don’t hurt the weak.” Sirma voivode is a real historical figure who lived during the 18th and 19th centuries and participated in the Haiduk movement in Eastern Europe. Read her thrilling story.

Tales of Heaven

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