Your Novel Outline Journal

A 150-page novel outline workbook for every aspiring writer

Your Novel Outline Journal

Are you writing a novel? Do you end up straying from the original idea? Are you at a dead end and don’t know how to continue? Sounds like you need an outline. And this Novel Outline Journal is what I, Reni Stankova, use to write my books!

Outlines are one of the most difficult, yet most necessary steps to finishing a novel. This journal will help aspiring writers, who struggle with outlining, to build the structure of their plot in a way that would not allow them to stray to unnecessary side plots, or lose track of the main storyline.

The journal is available in paperback and hardcover and it’s designed as a notebook you can write your plans into, while also making use of the many tips that come with every stage of your writing process. In this journal you can find pointers on how to choose your genre, establish the core of your story, build your main & support characters and create your story arcs.

This is the logical progression I use when writing my historical fiction and fantasy novels. Hopefully, my process can help with your project too. It’s advisable to create an outline before starting the first draft, but creating one mid-draft is still more effective than working with no outline at all.

Sample of Your Novel Outline Journal