18th and 19th century Eastern Europe. Sirma’s world is shattered to pieces when she bears witness to the abuse and murder of her two best friends by a gang of mountain outlaws. The village elders do nothing because they fear the wrath of Hamza Bei.

Fed up with being quiet, she disguises herself as a man and takes the lead of her own gang dedicated to protecting the mountain villages and searching for Hamza Bei to put a stop to his tyranny. She must clash with outlaws, survive the mountain wilderness, and keep her men from becoming the monsters they’ve sworn to fight. And her comrades don’t even know she is a woman.

This is a historical fiction novel about the life of Sirma voivode, a real historical figure who lived in the most western parts of the then Ottoman Empire and took part in the Haiduk movement of Eastern Europe


A non-descriptive rape scene, heavy violence, gore, death, murder, angst, and mentions of suicide.


Living as a leader is by necessity filled with sacrifices and this historical fiction novel brilliantly details what those costs were for the real-life Sirma. The suspense and drama will keep readers immersed.
I loved everything about this book, whether it was based on a true story or not. I just think it was very well written and the characters are either likable or detestable whichever the author wants.
This book had a great concept that was wonderfully delivered. The world-building was quite interesting and it had me considering reading about the actual Haiduk movement in Eastern Europe.