The Enemy of Heaven

Book #1 of The Heaven Trilogy

As the Third Angel Prince of Heaven, Raphael has always wanted to make his kingdom a better place for the demon population. One night, he recruits a demon from the capital’s ghetto as his personal bodyguard, effectively scandalizing the royal court. But while the noble angel elite drowns in gossip about their outrageous relationship, Raphael and Dante plot to dethrone Raphael’s tyrannical father and ascend a new sovereign.

Dante never trusted angels, but after Prince Raphael saved him from an execution for a crime he didn’t commit, he followed him. For the first time, Dante has hope for a better future. If a king has to die for this future, so be it.

But Raphael is playing a dangerous game, and the warm feelings that slowly bloom between them don’t make the mission easier.

The Enemy of Heaven is a Finalist of the 2023 Indies Today Awards.


Police brutality, in-world racism & discrimination, involuntary human experimentation, heavy violence, death, angst, murder, mentions of child prostitution, death of children, mentions of suicide, recreational drug use, and gang violence.


Intriguing and full of suspense! The story concept was interesting and original with demons and angels like I’d never seen before.
This was a ride from start to finish. Dante and Raphael are a complete powerhouse of a couple, but what I enjoyed most about them is that they feel like actual people.
Author HG Birde
The attraction level between Dante and Raphael was intense and forbidden in just the right amounts. I fell in love with these two and can't wait to read more!