Glossary of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven has a rich history and captivating natural wonders. Everything here is canon, but to avoid info dumping, a lot of the following did not find its way into the books. The AI images are not used for profit, just for fun. Enjoy!

Race & Social Class in Heaven


The angels are humans of any eye color and skin color. They are the citizens of Heaven and descendants of the Great Angel Ancestors who established the new world order after the Great War. They are deemed superior to demons and inferior only to the virtues.


Always born with red eyes. The demons can be any skin color, but their red eyes earns them the plight of the lowest class of citizen anywhere in the world. They are hated and dismissed, but it slowly comes to light that they hide mysterious abilities.


Always born with white eyes and white hair. The virtues can be any skin color. They are a single clan of thousands of people. They have established the world religion and are known to be divine in nature with divine abilities.

Power Hierarchy in Heaven

Elden Palace

The world government

  1. The Sovereign – the current King or Queen of Heaven. The family of the sovereign has no government power, unless they officially enter the royal council. Princes and princeses need to be at least 25-years-old to start a political carreer. The Sovereign has no power or influence over the other two parts of the Triarchy.
  2. The Royal Council – representatives of the most elite noble families, each overlooking an important part of the government and economy.
  3. The 6 Principals – the regional government leaders who rule in the sovereign’s name on each of the 6 continents of Heaven. The sovereign is also the principal of the Throne’s Land.
  4. The Cherubim & the Seraphim – The official security and servants of Elden Palace. They only answer to the royal family.

The Temple of Virtue

The world religion

  1. The Supreme Virtue – the head of religion. The position is inherited in the main Virtues clan. The Supreme Virtue always wears white and covers their eyes with a black blindfold. The Supreme Virtue can choose the next sovereign should the High Dominion dethrone the current one.
  2. The Virtues clan – The extended family of the Supreme Virtue. They are a tight community of the virtue race and live exclussively on the Holy Land. They all wear white and cover their white eyes with black blindfolds.They always walk around with white clothes and a semi-transparent black blindfold over their eyes.
  3. Priests & Priestesses – angel servants of each Temple of Virtue. They run the temples.
  4. The Power Soldiers – The security of every temple. They only answer to the Virtues’ clan.

The Court of Dominion

The judicial power

  1. The High Dominion – the head of the judicial power of the world. The High Dominion can dethrone the sovereign if they are guilty of a crime against world peace, or, in other words, if they become an enemy of Heaven.
  2. The 14 Ophanim – the esteemed jury of the Court of Dominion who are present during the making and enforcing the laws and make decisions during the trials of important people and events.
  3. The Archangels – The leaders of each guardian police force around the world. The Archangels sometimes form elite squads for undercover investigation and take on the most high tiered missions in the fight against crime.
  4. The Guardian Angels – The police force of the entire world. They only answer to their superiors from the Court of Dominion.

The Seven Deadly Sins Club


The Room of Lust is a brothel for high society, employing the most elite female and male prostitutes. The female sex workers are called succubi and the male ones are incubi. The Room of Lust is one of the few places on the Throne’s Land that allows non-indoctrinated demons to work. And it pays well.

The Seven Deadly Sins club is situated over a hot spring, owned by the Room of Sloth. It’s a spa open to the public, however, it’s on the extremely expensive end, so commoners rarely visit. The water has a unique mineral content that isn’t found in any other hot spring around the world.



The Alchemic Brotherhood is a group of pseudo-scientists who concoct new recreational drugs in the Room of Envy. Guests who wish to forget their envy visit this room for a trip of their choosing. Each guest is carefully monitored so they don’t overdose or hurt themselves while intoxicated.

Gambling is illegal in Heaven and most gambling activity has been pushed underground. The Room of Greed is a gambling place, but the government allows it to work because the Azelys family and the High Dominion receive an annual profit.



In the Room of Wrath, a guest can torture a demon for as long as they want. The demon is required to never resist or fight back, no matter how heinous, painful, or lethal the abuse gets. A lot of demons volunteer for the Room of Wrath, and before entering, they leave a will of who should take the money in case they die. The Room of Wrath always pays.

The Room of Gluttony employs all the poachers across the world and serves its guests meat from endangered animals. This is the least visited room in the club, and even though hunting endangered animals is illegal, the room keeps working, sponsored by a handful of loyal guests.



In the Room of Pride, a guest, and the friends they invite, have access to the entire second floor of the Seven Deadly Sins Club, where they’ll be served all the pleasures of the other six rooms. Only a handful of elites have negotiated their unique price for this membership.

Glossary of Notable Azelys Rulers

Elden & Alirie Azelys

Elden & Alirie Azelys

Years 1-54 of Heaven on Earth

A thousand years ago, the Great War fought between angels and demons caused a mass extinction event. The world map changed and reduced the human population from billions to millions. Out of the ruins of a dead civilization, Elden and Alirie Azelys united the survivors, crumbled country borders, and gave rise to a new civilization. For the first time im history, there was world peace, and because of that, Elden and Alirie named this new world the Kingdom of Heaven, and every citizen of Heaven was named an angel. Elden and Alirie were the first rulers of Heaven, and they were canonized as the Great Angel Ancestors.

Zakariel Azelys

Zakariel Azelys

Years 82-125 of Heaven on Earth

In his struggle to keep world peace, Zakariel Azelys ordered all advanced technology and knowledge about it to be destroyed. The world welcomed this decision with cheer. What followed was the biggest book burning in history, setting back the progress of human civilization by millennia. A group of academics found this insane, so they hid journals and manuals in different parts of the world, hoping their descendants would one day bring back the technology. Zakariel Azelys enforced the death penalty for anyone who posed a threat to world peace, so these academics were persecuted and later executed as the first enemies of Heaven.

Taviel Azelys

Taviel Azelys

Years 318-327 of Heaven on Earth

Damien Adler, a common demon, uncovered a historical artifact that tells about the stolen demon heritage from the time of the Geart War. Enraged and repulsed by the state of the world, he founded the Demon Resistance and organized the first demon rebellion. He directly attacked Elden Palace during the reign of Taviel Azelys. The rebellion failed, and Damien found his death by the king himself. After that, Taviel Azelys ordered a demon genocide, and for the first time in history, the guardian angels started enforcing regular cleanses. Fortunately, the Virtues clan put a stop to this madness by introducing the honorary angel program.

Laylah Azelys

Laylah Azelys

Years 666-701 of Heaven on Earth

Laylah Azelys ruled Heaven during the Second Golden Age of Peace of Peace and Prosperity. She had a traditional family, but was also an openly lesbian queen. There’s been a rumour she had an intimate relationship with the then Supreme Virtue, but that has never been proven, and historians don’t talk about it. Her rule was in the most part peaceful and unremarkable, but there are certain crucial secrets about her life that will only be known by her descendants.

Irene Azelys

Irene Azelys

Years 829-841 of Heaven on Earth

Anna Jowic, the first and only demon seraph in Elden Palace, became a personal tutor of the young princess Irene Azelys. She awoke the girl’s passion for science, and together, they crossbred a new crop, made to be immune against a disease that’s been causing food shortage in Heaven. This made Anna Jowic the most beloved demon in history, and Irene later named an award of excellence after her. Irene Azelys started the Enlightenment—a movement dedicated to reviving old knowledge and garnered a hectic social opposition. Notable figures who support the Enlightenment are Jaziel Hana, Sienna Bird, and Raphael Azelys.

Azrael Azelys

Years 997-1028 of Heaven on Earth

The most devastating blow the Demon Resistance inflicted upon the Kingdom of Heaven was the chilling Azelys massacre. In one night, the entire royal family and every Azelys’ blood relative lost their lives. This could have easily been the end of the Azelys bloodline. But young prince Azrael Azelys survived. The experience left him scarred and upon taking the throne, he undid any amount of social trust the demons gained over the centuries.

The Continents of Heaven

The Throne's Land

This is the continent with the capital of the world, Alirie. Here are the three main government buildings—Elden Palace, The Court of Dominion, and The Temple of Virtue. Judgment Mountain is on the outskirts and it’s where all enemies of Heaven get executed. The continent sustained a lot of damage in the Great War, with almost its entire original coast being now underwater. Baglis Island emerged from the sea and was claimed by the Baglis noble family.

The Fertile Land

The Fertile Land is the largest continent in the world. Most of the world’s food production comes from here. The Fertile Land is mostly filled with plains, with high mountains in the north full of endangered species of plants and animals. It borders the Throne’s Land in the northwest. However, the mountain range has no infrastructure, making it the perfect hiding place for Raphael and Dante.

The Preserved Land

The Preserved Land is the only continent that sustained no damage in the Great War, and today it’s a cultural and academic hub. The citizens of the Preserved Land have a strong national identity and promote a separatist movement from Heaven. At the beginning of every summer, the ocean recedes and reveals a strip of land connecting the Preserved Land to the Holy Land for three months. It’s called the Path of Virtue, and every year, the devoted followers of the Virtues take the path on foot.

The Holy Land

The Holy Land used to be a much larger continent before the Great War, but after the cataclysm, half of it sunk into the rising water. It used to be a frozen wasteland, but after the war, the environment softened. Today, the Holy Land is entirely populated by the extended family of the Virtues clan. No passenger ships can use the ports. If anyone wants to visit, they may only arrive through the Path of Virtue. Every summer, hoards of devoted followers sustain this religious tourism and make lots of money for the Triarchy.

The Impact Land

The Impact Land used to be a continent, but after the Great War it became an archipelago of over 80,000 islands. The seabed has many active underwater volcanoes. This caused a perpetual mega-storm, called Gargantua, to rage for the last thousand years. The water around the Impact Land is impossible to navigate by ship. Only the island of Thessomir is out of the deadly ocean current, and it’s the only island inhabited by angels. Thessomir is a prison island where the inmates mine Lumina crystals.

The Isolated Land

The Isolated Land emerged from the ocean after the cataclysm. It’s the second biggest continent, and it’s home to a peculiar flora and fauna that isn’t found anywhere else in the world. Refugees fled to the Isolated Land before the Great War and over time, established their own culture. Today, the locals wish not to be in contact with the rest of the world. Several centuries ago, it was decided to never involve them with the political matters of the Triarchy.

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